Barre Blends

Barre Blends is a total body workout (inspired by Yoga, Pilates & Ballet) that will sculpt your entire body into that long, lean ‘Dancer’ physique. Utilizing props and a ballet barre, you will be challenged to maintain a strong core and graceful posture, while performing small isometric movements targeting specific muscle groups. Set to energizing music, this class will keep your heart rate up while you burn fat, tone muscle and build a body equal in strength, beauty, balance and grace.


Boot Camp

Military meets city-civilian in this challenging total body workout guaranteed to bring your fitness to the next level. Rotate through several stations that isolate different target areas. On Monday Nights in the basketball court, you will be guided through an ultimate calorie burning work out. This will combine cardiovascular, resistance, speed and agility drills.


BOSU Shake-n-Bake

Using the BOSU Balance Trainer, Ballast Balls, Soft Medballs and more we will challenge your cardio capacity, strength and balance. Your muscles will SHAKE and your body will BAKE it’s way to a leaner, stronger you! The possibilities are endless with these pieces of equipment set to awesome music to get you lean and strong.


Box – Barre – Bell Blast

Basic cardio box, punching and kicking combos that are guaranteed to be heart pumping. Keep your heart skyrocketing as you move into barre toning tush segments that are certain to blast that booty. Finishes with some light Kettlebell flow exercises to attack the core blasting away mega calories.



Group weight training class using barbells and various other equipment, sculpts all muscle groups.


Impact Areas

Are you craving that form fitting mid section? Yearning for that stunning hourglass shape? Let’s be honest this physique is difficult for anyone to achieve. Hey guys – you too! You want a shot at regaining that awesome six-pack and rock hard abs you can be proud of don’t you? Well this is it! Step into this non-stop, isolated core blast workout and put your mid-section challenges to rest! Not your normal sit-up and crunch routine, this class will carve up those upper abdominals, lower abdominals and side oblique muscles. Best of all, this class is a high octane 15 minutes and you’re done!

In 3D

Ever felt intimidated walking into a weight room grabbing a barbell by yourself and wonder how do I use this? Hey – you’re not alone – this class is for you! This group weight training class is strategically put together with a variety of energetic full body strength movements that are individualized to each participant’s level of fitness to help you achieve that lean, toned sculpted 3 dimensional look!


Kettlebell/Cross Training

Get cutting edge body image using non-cutting edge tool; kettlebells. Work entire body with resistance and endurance at the same time. Have fun and sweat!


Power Tork

Cardio conditioning while building strength and endurance through drills such as shadowboxing, jump rope and various core strengthening exercises using kettlebells, bosu and more.


Virtual Movement

Looking for that new spark to your workout? Tired of the same old plateau effect we’ve all experienced? If so, then this full body workout is a great addition to your weekly routine… it’s what you’ve been looking for! This class is a uniquely designed fusion of athletic, cardio, and weight intervals that will create a variety of virtual workouts throughout the facility to give you a refreshing approach to your strength, endurance, cardiovascular and overall fitness. Take this class and you will be able to tackle anything that comes your way!