Massages & Waxing


Swedish Massage

This classic full body massage, utilizes kneading, to soothe and help reduce tension and tempt deep relaxation.

30 Minutes – $55
60 Minutes – $90
90 Minutes – $125

Deep Tissue Massage

A therapeutic massage using deep pressure while focusing on problem areas to relieve tense muscles and relax the body. Recommended for those with chronic pain, muscle fatigue and knots.

60 Minutes – $120
90 Minutes – $150

Hot Stone Massage

This ancient ritual uses hot smooth stones to relieve tension and stress along with a relaxing Swedish massage.

60 Minutes – $135
90 Minutes – $165

Sports Massage

Appropriate before or after a sporting event. This massage is designed to return oxygen to the muscles as soon as possible by applying compression to the muscles and cross-fibre friction to the joints and connective tissue areas.

30 Minutes – $65
60 Minutes – $100

Introducing the Skinny Massage Packages

Getting ready for a vacation, a wedding, a reunion, have bothersome loose skin, or have an area that isn’t responding to exercise? We have an effective solution for you! 

We are now offering our Skinny Massage Packages which detoxify, tone, tighten, and firm targeted areas on your body. 

The product is made up of a combination of herbal botanicals and seaweed which decrease inflammation and improve circulation in your cells to remove toxins naturally. The result is that your fat cells actually shrink in size and your skin is tighter. The best part is that this is not just water weight that will return in a few days — when you complement your Skinny Massage Package with a healthful lifestyle, plenty of water, and exercise, the inches will stay off indefinitely! 

Our packages are designed for results. We’ll measure you before and after your first Skinny Massage , send you home with a tape measure and your own bottle of Defining Gel to use in between sessions, and see you back in a week to measure you again. 

We have 3 great packages that are designed to meet different goals and the prices are significantly lower than you’ll find for similar results offered by med spas and surgeons! 

60 Minute Skinny Massage 

Package 1
60 Minute Skinny Massage*
3 Weekly Applications*
1 8oz Bottle of Defining Gel
Tape Measure

Package 2
Two 60 Minute Skinny Massages*
6 Weekly Applications*
2 8oz Bottles of Defining Gel
Tape Measure

Package 3
Three 60 Minute Skinny Massages*
9 Weekly Applications*
3 8oz Bottles of Defining Gel
Tape Measure


Massage Add-Ons

Hot Towel

This muscle-relaxing massage is enriched through steaming towels steeped in aromatic herbs and essences.

Add-on – $15

Soothing Paraffin

A warm paraffin dip applied to back, feet or hands.

Add-on – $20






$45 – 1/2

$80 – Full







Men’s Back


Full Arm


Neck / Shoulders