Boot Camp

Military meets city-civilian in this challenging total body workout guaranteed to bring your fitness to the next level. Rotate through several stations that isolate different target areas. On Monday Nights in the basketball court, you will be guided through an ultimate calorie burning work out. This will combine cardiovascular, resistance, speed and agility drills.


BOSU Shake-n-Bake

Using the BOSU Balance Trainer, Ballast Balls, Soft Medballs and more we will challenge your cardio capacity, strength and balance. Your muscles will SHAKE and your body will BAKE it’s way to a leaner, stronger you! The possibilities are endless with these pieces of equipment set to awesome music to get you lean and strong.



Bring the outdoors inside. This cycling class you will build cardiovascular strength and endurance, as you ride flat roads, challenging hills and sprint to the finish line. Great for all levels, especially beginners.


Power Tork

Cardio conditioning while building strength and endurance through drills such as shadowboxing, jump rope and various core strengthening exercises using kettlebells, bosu and more.



No, this is not your average sit on a bike going the same speed staring at yourself in the mirror routine! This fun, exciting, heart pumping cycling workout simulates a mix of real race and training scenarios. Experience steep mountain climbs and high velocity descents from the Tour de France to exciting high speed sprints of the Olympic Velodrome. Set to a variety of great energizing music to give you the highest calorie burn while engaging all muscle groups; this adrenaline rush workout is for all levels of fitness and will leave you feeling like you’ve been to the races!


“Shift and Lift” in this cycle class. Combine indoor cycling with core integrated balance and strength exercise intervals medicine & fitness balls, and weights for an overall cardio/strength class. Suitable for all levels, bring a towel and a water bottle.



We start with 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmills using incline and/or speed. Then we do 15 minutes of core training! All levels welcome.


Turbo Kick

Turbo Kick is the hottest cardio kickboxing class around for fitness training. Turbo Kick is a fusion of hip hop and kickboxing all perfectly choreographed to high energy and motivating music.


Virtual Movement

Looking for that new spark to your workout? Tired of the same old plateau effect we’ve all experienced? If so, then this full body workout is a great addition to your weekly routineā€¦ it’s what you’ve been looking for! This class is a uniquely designed fusion of athletic, cardio, and weight intervals that will create a variety of virtual workouts throughout the facility to give you a refreshing approach to your strength, endurance, cardiovascular and overall fitness. Take this class and you will be able to tackle anything that comes your way!



Latin pulse and rhythm in this heart thumping dance style workout. This class is great for all levels. Learn basic dance steps from Salsa, Meringue, cha cha and more. No prior dance experience needed.