Boxing & Kickboxing

Box – Barre – Bell Blast

Basic cardio box, punching and kicking combos that are guaranteed to be heart pumping. Keep your heart skyrocketing as you move into barre toning tush segments that are certain to blast that booty. Finishes with some light Kettlebell flow exercises to attack the core blasting away mega calories.


Everlast Boxing

Total Body Conditioning boxing class that shows you how by incorporating punches as well as athletic drills. This class will teach boxing fundamentals and techniques. It will focus on perfect jabs, crosses, hooks, and power punches. Training will consist of mitt, heavy bag, jump rope, footwork drills and defensive tactics.


An aerobic workout that teaches basic kickboxing skills choreographed to energizing music. Be prepared to have fun and work hard!



No… it’s not what you think! What is it then? Mixed Muscle Activities; a spin off of cool kicks, fun knee jabs and awesome punches. Get a drink now, as soon as that bell rings, there’s no turning back – you will be hooked! The isolated components of this training format will completely change your perspective on the combined use of gloves, mitt work, heavy bags, jump ropes, sit-ups, squats and lunges. With this knockout full body cardio workout, you could quite possibly be the next octagon champion! Are you ready to rumble?